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Wedding Cakes and How To Ideas

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Lord of the Ring Cake & Tractor Cake! CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIEWS!>>>

Grandpa's and Donnie's birthday party Dec. 2003! CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES>>>

Click here >>>Dolphin Cake - More Views

Alicia's 11/29/03 Wedding - cake has dark sage colored flowers- table & other decorations by Carolyn. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES>>>

Dianne Paul's 50th Birthday Party 11/29/03. CLICK HERE>>>

Click here >>> to view wedding cake ornaments

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Missy's Wedding March 2003. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIEWS>>>

Donnie & Amy's Wedding 12/8/01. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES>>>>

Tamera's Wedding May 24, 2003. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES>>>


Click here for more views of Tomeka & Joel Johnson's Wedding 9/13/03

Click here to view Cynthia's Mother's Birthday Party April 2003!

My son, Scott's, website for S. C. Ghosts and his own Ghost Hunting Expeditions! CLICK HERE>>>

Tamala Tomlin's Baby Shower Cake - Created by Candy(my daughter) & myself

Groom's Cake - Joey & Melissa Suchy 2002